Large Update. BigApache 1.02 is here !

new Webinstaller is here !
WebInstaller package support incremental downloading from internet and intelligent upgrade technology. If a new or updated version of BigApache is released, please download only active installator (probably always named as BigApache-1.02_Setup.exe)
and run it.
If you run your "old" installator, it will try to tetermine if a new version was released. If yes, it will automatically download a new active installator and run it.

If your computer does not have access to internet, you should download off-line package.

But remember, this package is really "big" [about 77MB size], so if possible, always try to use active installator, where only needed files are downloaded to you.
It saves the network traffic. If you download from www server, try to locate the closest mirror possible.

BigApache new features!
-mod_perl with Perl 5.8 and ASP::Apache
-mod_ssl with openSSL 0.9.7
-PHP 4.3 with Pear

otherwise the description of BigApache 1.01 applies

Much fun with BigApache

Posted by Stefan Sabolowitsch 2003-01-11