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Project Abandoned

I haven't worked on this project for quite some time, and I have no real intentions of continuing work on it. I really have no desire to work on the code at all anymore. I have learned a lot in the intervening years, and may one day allow for the concept of this game to be revisited, but not in its current form.

Posted by Owen 2009-07-16

Sorry about that folks.

It looks like the build I released on the 12th was corrupted, probably by my pathetic dial up connection, but a working build is now online.

Posted by Owen 2007-05-15

0.3 Is out!

After a long time away from my pet project due to real life matters, I have managed to get a new release out the door.

It changes quite a few things in the data loading area, and anyone really interested in Space Project really should read the release notes and change log.

Posted by Owen 2007-05-10

I'm not dead!

I've just been busy. I haven't had a chance to do any coding for nearly a month!

Hopefully I'll be able to get a new release out the door the first week in May, when finals are over.

Posted by Owen 2007-04-18

Website is up, kind of...

I have finally given up on getting any kind of cms working at full power on sourceforge, and have moved to a free host. Hopefully they will prove to be reliable.

On the upside, I have the skeleton of a decent joomla site going. You can check it out by clicking on the Project->Web Site link.

Posted by Owen 2007-03-15

Website is down...

Just temporarily, I'm trying to get some things to work, but it may take a while(curse dial-up!).

Posted by Owen 2007-02-02

New Release!

Okay, there might be one more release in the 0.2 family, I'm not sure yet. I feel that I need to make the data file loading methods much more flexible than they are right now, and make them independant of the number of spaces between entries.

I am also going to be writing up some documentation for the game soon which will cover building it from source and modding.

Posted by Owen 2007-01-05

Web site is up!

Well, I now have something that passes for a functional web site. Everything works fine in Firefox (I need to update) and IE 7. IE 6 gave me some problems, but Microsoft's forcefeading of upgrades should limit them.

Posted by Owen 2007-01-02

Change is in the air!

School is out for the winter so I am goin to have a lot of time on my hands for working on this.

I am continuing to tinker with cg shaders and am writing a kind of scriptable gui system that follows the same modding principles as the rest of the data files.

Posted by Owen 2006-12-09

New release / versioning info.

New release out today. I'm finally getting the grip of this shader stuff, so expect to see some eye candy start popping up.

On another note, I have finally decided on how to properly version releases.

The version number will only change if a new gameplay element is added, the letter will change if something cosmetic is added.

Posted by Owen 2006-11-03

New release!

Finally, a non-maintenance release. Didn't add that much feature wise, but I have started making some changes to the game graphically. Added some simple shaders and a new ship(of my own making).

Be sure to read the release notes.

Posted by Owen 2006-10-21

New Release.

Not many changes, other than the fact you no longer need to download a dll pack(yay!) and the addition of a persistant mouse and buttons.

Made some slight optomizations and cleaned up the code as well.

Posted by Owen 2006-10-06

CVS online

CVS is up and running. Check the cvs page for info on annonymous access.

Posted by Owen 2006-08-23


I have managed to upload my project to sourceforge and I must say that the sheer amount of stuff it lets you do is amazing! It can be a bit overwhelming though. Currently there is no CVS or SVN support, but the source is available in the files section. Be sure to read the release notes next to the release name!

Posted by Owen 2006-08-12