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Supported Platforms

Konstantin Maslyuk
Platform Status
Windows Mobile supported, version 5.0 and above with touch screen is necessary
Android supported, version 2.3.3 and above
BlackBerry 10 initial release, maintainer needed
MeeGo initial release, maintainer needed
Symbian initial release, for Series 60 and Symbian^3 platforms, maintainer needed
IOS initial release, Qt port in progress, maintainer needed
Desktop Windows/Linux, preview reason versions
Windows Phone 7 unsupported, looking for way to adapt Windows Mobile cab for fully unlocked devices
Windows Phone 8 unsupported, Qt port in progress

Plus any other platform supported by Qt, just if you want to maintain for that platform.

On Android 2.2 the application runs well, except of clucene that does not create search indecies and does not perform search.

[iOS installation instructions]. It would be buggy since it runs on Qt5 that is beta now.


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Wiki: iOS installation instructions