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Release Candidate

There is update on development and i hope to get out of Beta soon.

  • iOS platform was introduced, it would work not as expected because Qt port is beta for now, and jailbreak is required. Earlier Symbian and MeeGo platforms was added.
  • Settings page was added, now you can set font size relative factor. Added dark interface theme for those who read in the night (just change in Settings->Ui Style to "mini-night"). And also slowww continuous scrolling feature.
  • Some initial module installation logic was changed.

Also i would like to invite some people to produce some final work for the Release:

  • People who would like to translate interface in to their language. A half of program uses BibleTime translation but other part needs to be translated.
  • Who would like to support platforms, because i haven't some devices from the list - i can not to provide full support for that platforms. If you haven't development skills - just regular feedback of how it works on your device would be good.
  • There are also some platforms supported by Qt which i do not want to introduce now, e.g. BlackBerry10.Welcome to port it if you have such devices.
  • Any help on delivery to app stores and maintain it there would be also appreciated.
  • And of course anyone who would like to take a part in development or just leave a critical note.


Posted by Konstantin Maslyuk 2013-06-04