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BibleTime 1.2

Today we finally released BibleTime 1.2, the version for the brand new KDE 3.
The 1.2 release is identical with 1.1, except for some bugfixes which were necessary to work correctly on
KDE 3. The unicode rendering quality was drastically improved by switching to KDE 3 - Hebrew and greek
modules are looking much better now!<BR>

We hope that this 1.2 release will work correctly for everybody.

The source packages and binary packages for SuSE 8.0 are already uploaded. More packages will follow
later. Don't forget to download the bibletime-doc package
if you want to have the messages, the tips, the handbook and/or the translations of them.
Now download and enjoy the cool new BibleTime 1.2 and it's features! :)

Posted by Joachim Ansorg 2002-05-05