BibleTime 1.0 released

Bibletime 1.0 Stable Version Release.

Bibletime is the first Bible study tool specifically written for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). It contains most of the features that are available in commercial Bible study software for the MS Windows environment.

Bible Texts, Commentaries, and Lexicons for Bibletime are available from Crosswire Bible Society ( at no charge. The range of texts available is larger than most commercial Bible study tools, currently numbering over 190. These include classics like
Luther's original German translation, John Wesley's commentary (English), and Bible translations into a number of languages. The languages for which Bible translations are available include Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, and Chinese (this is a partial listing).

Bibletime 1.0 provides the following improvements over version 0.3:
-Improved search dialog, including tools for analyzing search results, and search progress meter.
-Parallel display of multiple translations allows synchronized scrolling of several open texts.
-Unicode support allows display of texts that have different alphabets at the same time. For example Latin, and Greek.
-Select display font and color.
-Printing is greatly improved and now supports print to printer and print to postscript file
-The select / copy tool has been improved to support copy to text file and copy to HTML file
-The handbook has been revised extensively.

Bibletime is available as Unix / Linux source code, and precompiled binary packages for KDE2 / qt2 Linux systems.

The Bibletime application can be downloaded from

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Posted by Joachim Ansorg 2001-06-29