On 1/19/07, Adam R. Maxwell <amaxwell@mac.com> wrote:

On Jan 19, 2007, at 08:19, Christiaan Hofman wrote:

> My mistake, I didn't check where it was going to. I will send it to
> the user.
> Where was the nil value set? I can't find a point where the output of
> a shelltask is ever used in a dictionary.

That exception was in the parser, when as user had an accented
character in a macro and opened the file as ascii.  I think we now
check all return values in there.

And now the -objectAtIndex: range exception.

BTW, for the application launch exception, could we save that file as
a BDAlias instead of a URL?  That should be more reliable.

-- adam

We could, but what about backward compatibility?