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Thanks for BibDesk -- I've just started using this software and I think it's excellent!

I would find the following feature useful. When I'm trying to learn a subject from articles, I often start with a survey paper or two and then chase down the various articles that are cited, and then I chase down the articles cited by these articles, and so on. I would like to be able to call up all articles cited by my survey paper and have them appear together in a group. I can think of various ways of doing this... (1) I can assign each article a common keyword. (2) I can add a field "cited by" and "cites" for each article and include citekeys that I an search on. But the disadvantage of (1) is that my keywords keep growing and growing and the disadvantage of (2) is that I have to copy the citekeys from the survey article, paste them into the search box, and put OR between them. Thus it's cumbersome. Is there another way that I haven't thought of / found yet? It would be nice to press a button and have the linked articles appear in the main window.

Another nice feature would be to be able to see the graph structure whose nodes are the articles and whose edges are the cross-references given in the "cited by" and "cites" fields... But that seems like too much to ask for :)




    • status: open --> closed
  • I don't see what else could be done. We cannot ,magically know the cited article, you have to pass that information somehow. And Citation fields is the way that is done in BibDesk.