#761 Alternate required fields


In BibLaTeX specification, there are such required fields, that for example either "date" or "year" is required, but specifying both is not necessary. Same applies for example for @online type, where it is required to input either "author" or "editor". See e.g. biblatex documentation on CTAN, section 2.1.

I would like to have such functionality implemented, that one can specify to have one of multiple fields as compulsory so, that after any of those has some information, the others do not then have to contain anything.


    • status: open --> closed
  • BibDesk does not "require" you to fill anything. SO I really have no idea what you're asking.


  • Anonymous

    Sorry for being unclear.

    BibDesk does not indeed notify if I have left some fields empty or not, but when inputting publications, it has some of those fields with bold that indicates that you should put information to those, by having field titles in bold, see http://i.imgur.com/wrJkc.png . What I am suggesting is, that when one defines custom BibTeX types and fields (http://i.imgur.com/UJJCX.png), one could indicate that you need field A or field B. Back in publication information inputting window this could be shown as, for example those two fields grouped together and something indicating that one would need to input data into one of those but not all.