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God's number already found!

Argh, i came too late... With the help of google some pros just did a massive brute force search on 56 million cubes.

But i want to check on my own for some cubes. At least the superflip.

Posted by Mr. Edit 2010-09-25

Application can not be executed

Some people may use a system without all necessary dlls installed. I will add the vcredist_x86.exe redistributable pack to the files.
But there is no installer yet, so you have to run the setup on your own!

Posted by Mr. Edit 2010-09-21

It's now a sourceforge project

Today i decided to create a project for my Brute Force Search Cube Solver. I had the idea to implement such a cube solver a few month ago. I now invented my own data type Cube333 which represents the 3x3x3 Rubiks cube as arrays of integers. But i did not expect the cube editor to be so difficult to implement.
I think about not addind the cube editor feature now and begin to implement the brute force search itself.... read more

Posted by Mr. Edit 2010-09-17