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On Feb 6, 2014, at 7:05 AM, Karol Pal <> wrote:

Hi I would like to use BFAST for some data generated by solid 5500. I'm stuck at the post install testing phase. Since all tests fail giving me .: 3: not found, I tried to run them individually with a bash command, which works up to "bash" which gives me the following error:

Reading index from output/phi.x.174.fa.nt.1.1.bif.
bfast: RGIndex.c:2015: RGIndexReadHeader: Assertion `index->length > 0' failed. řádek 44: 19338 Neúspěšně ukončen (SIGABRT)        (core dumped [obraz paměti uložen]) ../bfast/bfast match -f output/phi.x.174.fa -r output/reads.phi.x.174.fastq -A 0 -n 1 -T tmp/ > output/bfast.matches.file.phi.x.174.bmf

any suggestions welcome.


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