#4 Refactor plugins/features to split functionality logically

Nick Boldt
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Nick Boldt

I've already separated BeyondCVS into 2 plugins:
1: All the core functionality of BC, Putty, and WinSCP and CVS support
2. Just the SVN support.

At the moment I "ship" it in 2 zip files on sourceforge. One has the main plugin and a feature, the other has the two plugins and a feature (which includes both plugins).
This isn't the cleanest separation I know, but it was the simplest in the short amount of time that I had.

At the moment I think there these 7 components:
1. External Beyond Compare support
2. Ext. Putty support
3. Ext. WinSCP support
4. CVS BC support
5. SVN BC support
6. Perforce BC support
7. Lines of Code counter (a simple action for counting the number of lines of code in java files)

So if we really wanted to split it up then maybe 7 plugins would be good. Certainly my LOC stuff has nothing to do with External tools or BC.