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#10 folder diff uses cached file

Dustin Wilhelmi

I have noticed a problem that occurs immediately after checking a file into source control. If you click directly on the file and click Compare With > Latest Revision (Beyond Compare) you get the expected result of Binary Same. However, if you click on the file's parent directory and again click Compare With > Latest Revision (Beyond Compare), then double click on the same file, it will show them as different, with the SVN side showing the old pre-check-in version of the file, possibly pulling from a cached version.

I am using the Subversive plugin version 8.6.1


  • Very good observation. When I do a regular file comparison the files are cached by their version number so this doesn't happen. But in the folder compare I can't do that because I need the filenames to be identical. So in the latest version (0.8.7) I've fixed it so that if the SVN revision date is newer than the cached file date it updates it.

    Thanks for letting me know.

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