Betabrite Web LED Sign Control / News: Recent posts

Version 3.0 Out

Version 3.0 of the Betabrite Web LED Sign Control interface is now out. Look in the Updates forum for more information.

Posted by Rob 2007-08-19

SVN Active

As of today SVN for this project has been activated, and all source files for version 2.5 have been added to the repository. In the future updates to individual files will be reflected here rather than an entire release.

Posted by Rob 2007-03-04

V2.5 Release - Timing Error Fixed

Big news is that the timing error has been fixed. Refer to the "updates" forum for more information on what was added to the new release.

Posted by Rob 2007-02-23

Timing Error

I just today found a timing error in the LED sign program that results in increased network bandwidth being used. Check the forums for a more comprehensive summary.

Posted by Rob 2007-02-21

Betabrite Control V2 Released

Version 2 of the sign controller has been released today. The Admin area of the web interface has been greatly improved, as well as additons to the database schema that will make future improvements easier to implement. The sign controller itself was also given a major rewrite that reduced the number of threads, and increased modularity and polymorphism within the class structure. The improved program should run a lot smoother, and with less system resources being used.

Posted by Rob 2007-01-27

Files Released

It took a while but I finally got a set of working files released. There is an install file that explains how to get all the different pieces working together (assuming you have a betabrite LED sign capable of seeing any of this on!)

Posted by Rob 2006-12-06

Project Approved

sourceforge approved the project today, and I will try to have some file ready for CVS and general release soon.

Posted by Rob 2006-08-31