#7 Internal frames now count as double-frames

Carlos SS

Internal frames now count as double-frames
Hello Santiago!
When I close all logfiles opened (one by one) the menu doesn't returns to original mode (with "Edit" and "Windows" disabled)
and option "Save actual session" under "File" menu doesn't get disabled.

I fix this failure in com.santiagolizardo.beobachter.gui.dialogs LogWindow.java doubling the number of internal frames to
close because seems logfile frame and lower quick access count like two internal frames.

Also when I "Save actual session" (with one logfile) and later I reopen it Beobatcher open two time the same logfile.
This is caused because in ".txt" file has the same logfile two times.

Search my tag "// By Carlos SS" to find my dirty fix.

Seems to be related with the lower status bar in JDesktop and items inside.

What do tou think abou this?

I hope I can help.


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  • Carlos SS
    Carlos SS

    Hello another time Santiago:
    Before trying to fix this failure I think we could be better re-think this design.

    A JDesktop pane not seems the best option for items (logfiles) which can refresh at any moment.

    I think would be have a tabbed panel instead of a JDesktop: every logfile can be a tab with a icon (like a car semaphore: red, green, etc.) to detect activity (like auto-updates) in a eye-bird way. If I click on a tab with recent activity icon tab would turn off (to indicate I read this contents).

    What do tou think about this?

  • Carlos SS
    Carlos SS

    I send a photo about a similar program working on Windows.
    As you can see each file is opened on a tab and when an update occurs a led in front on tab is turned on. I think tabbular style is better for BeoBatcher, but I don't know (until now) make a version to put under your test.

  • Carlos SS
    Carlos SS

    Change from JDesktopPane to JTabbedPane
    Hello Santiago!
    With your new BeoBatcher version 1.8.1 I started to implement a little modification to show open files in tabs in place of a JDesktopPane.

    I think this version is more comfortable to people who is going to use (systems administrators, etc.) because allow to see modified file in a eye-bird way.

    Please, try it and let me known your impressions. This version detects file modifications and change tab icon accordly. In tab I put real file size as tooltip (this is to have the more information I can, but we can put another informations inside.)

    Also there are new icons to indicate file states (circle_grey.png, circle_yellow.png). Tab icon of current tab doesn't get changed (because you we suppose you are waiting some change). They are rapid and dirty icons got from some Internet site, change it if you want.

    Tabs doesn't have a close button, but I want to implement, but I don't known at this moment.
    At "File" menu you'll find a "Close file" item to close each file.
    In place of "Windows" menu there is "Tabs" menu with items to control tabs.

    P.D.: Each tab haven't your original frames, since components are placed in a more clear JPanel.

    P.D.: Solved problem when saving a session and when clearing all buffers.

    P.D.: Restored file attributes (size, date, etc) on upper main bar and stabilized tab closing.

    Last edit: Carlos SS 2014-03-18
  • Carlos SS
    Carlos SS

    Hi Santigo!
    Nice to have news from you and a new version.

    How do you see this major modification? Do you like it?

  • Carlos SS
    Carlos SS

    Hi Santigo!
    After several months now you're appliying some of my other patches but ignores this patch.
    Have you checked this? Why do not reply to this patch with some text?

    In BeoBatcher actual configuration (windows inside a desktop) I think isn't usefull for his main job: monitor log files.

    What do you think about this?



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