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#6 include test scope artifacts in plugin classpath


We are using a set of custom maven plugin to perform a pretty complex build. Unfortunately, several artifacts useful for benerator are only created in the test classes folder and, thus, not accessible by benerator - even when binding benerator plugin execution to the 'test' phase.

I think this issue is not an exceptional case, since these artifacts allow container-less application execution which is typical for testing and generally useful for test data generation (in terms of speed).

So I would be glad if there was a possibility to include test-scoped artifacts, e.g. a plugin configuration flag.


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  • Good point - I added a <configuration> element: If you set


    benerator will include all dependencies with scope 'runtime' or 'test' as well as all classes and resources from the source and test directories.

    • status: closed --> open
  • I will publish the enhancement with release 0.5.8 in February 2008. If you cannot wait, check the reference manual how to fetch and build the current version from the SVN repository.

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