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BearJangler / News: Recent posts

New .08 sources in CVS

When a programmer looses his job, you can bet he'll be working on his freetime projects again! BearJangler is no exception. The next version's source code is available via. CVS repository for anyone's inspection pleasure. New to version .08 will be a new Bearkground check user interface allowing full browsing of all profile photo's, better name-to-profile resolution, and a totally revamped object oriented "Conduit" class, allowing user profiles to be read from new modular data sources, including bear411, and flat file systems, or any other location someone deems to write a Condiut for!

Posted by Kyle 2007-07-07

.07 now available

New version .07 is now available for someone's download pleasure! (probably yours, since you're reading this.) The new version is slightly more bandwidth efficent on the poor site, featuring both new parse code and a more efficent cache of user profiles. Also includes stubbed out UI portions of features I expect to implement (but the best laid plans of mice, and all...)

Posted by Kyle 2006-08-07

.06 now available.

New version .06 fixes a few bugs from .05 (not many though) and adds new functionality such as the bearkgroundcheck database (storing bear profiles on your PC instead of fetching them from bear411 every time.) New parse code to user profiles adds additional user information.

Posted by Kyle 2006-07-31

Alpha release available

An alpha release of BearJangler is now available (.05). This version features only the working Bearckground Check (user profile check) on bear411 users. Includes minimal data such as langauges that he in question speaks, his publc profile, if he's attending any bear-pride events, and his profile pictures.

Posted by Kyle 2006-07-24

Now using CVS

BearJangler's source is now available via. the SourceForge CVS system (bearjangler.cvs.sf.net/cvsroot/bearjangler). In addition, source "snapshots" are also being released in the "files" section, and a compiled jar executable will be available shortly.

Posted by Kyle 2006-07-21