in which version of BeanShell are there those enhancements in foreach ?


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I added enhanced for loop support (foreach) support to BeanShell quite a while ago.  There are plans to support the full Java 5 language spec.


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… and foreach over Iterable.


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Hmm... pat needs more developers, but you're average developer isn't capable of building a scripting language (just the way it is).  Maybe sun could hire Pat like it hired the jruby guys. ;-)


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Pat, it is really nice that project is moving.

But I am risking to be annoying, and asking for Java 5 syntax support again, especially varargs (when calling compiled code from script).





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On Sep 14, 2006, at 9:34 AM, Furash Gary wrote:


> Our faith is rewarded (also our interest in pat and others doing stuff

> we're not paying them for)!  I believe pat just checked in a new 

> version

> of beanshell into that runs off the 

> new

> scripting engine.


Hey everyone, please don't get too excited as this is really just 

moving the javax.script engine over to the scripting project CVS.  

The binary there is just the latest from SVN minus the JSR-223 engine 

(which is now hosted on the scripting site).


But you can take it as a sign that the project is moving again ;)






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