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0.5.1 Release: build fixes, migration to git

This release fixes all known build problems. A build run from "make" with no target specifiers should build everything correctly.

More importantly, the source tree has been moved to and the CVS tree on SourceForge has been disabled. This change is because I wanted BeagleBox code on the same site where most other BeagleBoard projects are located. Additionally, I want to encourage people to join in and using git might help with that.... read more

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2011-02-21

0.5.0 - X on HW Release

The 0.5.0 release has been made. This release provides the ability to boot X on the HW, however this is not automatic. See my blog post for details:

This release also restructures the source tree to make it easier for experimentation with the various software components. The restructuring is in preparation for migration from a CVS repo to a GIT repo. When the tree is migrated, a 0.5.1 release will be made and further work on the X support will be within the 0.5.x release series from the GIT tree, and CVS will be retired.

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2011-02-13

BUI split into sub projects, releases made

BUI has been split into 5 separate projects: bui-lib, bui-fakekey, bui-keyboard, bui-panel and bui-wm. This allows for easier integration into cross-compile environments via Buildroot. All of these packages have had 0.1.0 release tarballs made and bui-lib and bui-panel have 0.1.1 updates to change the use of index() to strchr().

The BUI package itself will be updated soon to provide a metabuild just for BUI projects. Until then, the packages can be downloaded and built manually. It is suggested that a common directory be used for install and that the projects be built in this order:
bui-lib, bui-fakekey, bui-keyboard, bui-panel, bui-wm.

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-12-29

BUI V0.1.1 released

This is minor update release. The build process needed to support command line settings for installation in the buildroot environment. This release is a first pass at getting BUI functioning as a buildroot package.

See the bug issue:

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-12-14

BeagleBox 0.4.0 released

This version establishes the baseline bootloader and kernel used for BeagleBox. The baseline required versions that support DSS2 and S-Video (re: TV-out) on the BeagleBoard. Other updates include a more flexible build system for testing various repositories for u-boot and the kernel.

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-12-03

BeagleBox V0.3.0 released

V0.3.0 is the first release where BeagleBox generated software boots on the BeagleBoard. The BeagleBox cross toolchain has been updated and now builds the bootloader (u-boot), kernel and root file system so that they can be used to boot the board up to a shell prompt with enough services enabled to show a process list. This represents a major milestone for the project and provides a base upon which future services can be added.

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-11-13

Announcing BUI, beagleboard kernel updates

Catching up on recent news. All current news is on the wiki.

2010-08-19: Updated HW=beagleboard build: OE OMAP latest kernel (2.6.32), integrated buildroot changes from qemu, fixed beagleboard build to properly used Cortex-A8 compiler instead of A7 (which is used for qemu). Released a tarball for BUI, but this is just a clean build of the original Matchbox 0.9 code. Still working on analysis of Matchbox for BUI development.... read more

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-08-19

XComposite enabled in QEMU

I wasn't sure why it didn't work previously, but after a weekend of experimentation I found that the kernel needed the cirrus fbdev and buildroot needed the Xorg cirrus driver (along with a few other minor things) in order to get XComposite working under QEMU. This is good news for me because it should allow me to experiment with Matchbox alpha-blending using QEMU.

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-08-09

Moved bug db to Flyspray

I didn't like SourceForge's bug db so I've migrated all the issues to Flyspray and moved it to the project web site (same place as the wiki). The URL is available from the project web site, but here it is for those who are interested:

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-08-06

Matchbox default, Surf ported

The default build for the QEMU phase now runs Matchbox as the default UI. I've integrated an xterm patch from Buildroot's source tree and launch it as the default application, allowing some runtime testing through the UI.

Today I also finished integration of the surf browser into the buld. This was done by creating a new buildroot package for surf and patching surf code to work within the bounds of buildroot's versions of GTK+ and WebKit. Essentially, this means a minor patch to backport newer features of GTK+ Adjustments that were being used in surf and to disable surf's ability to view source from a web site which is not supported in the version of WebKit that is in the stable buildroot release.... read more

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-08-05

BeagleBox project launch

I've started a project to build, from the ground up, a set top box for use with existing TVs that do not have internet capabilities that will allow viewing internet video. The project is primarily an integration process with some custom code for the UI. Integration is being done using a custom built metabuild system based on Crosstools-NG, Buildroot and other similar tools.

See the web page for project goals, design notes and information on how to use the build system.

Posted by Michael J. Hammel 2010-07-30