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MIT License

BoutDuTunnel is now MIT-Licensed

Posted by Sebastien LEBRETON 2010-09-06

BoutDuTunnel 1.5.3369 released

Performance upgrades
Remote administration support (from console and gui client)
Better session & connection timeouts handling
Huge code refactoring
Unit tests

Posted by Sebastien LEBRETON 2009-03-23

BoutDuTunnel 1.4.3066 released

BoutDuTunnel is now able to be directly hosted inside IIS or Apache/mod_mono. HTTPS protocols are now also supported.

Posted by Sebastien LEBRETON 2008-05-24

BoutDuTunnel 1.3.2535 released

BoutDuTunnel is a useful software for users behind restrictive firewalls. It encapsulate network traffic into a single tunnel (HTTP/TCP/Proxy/NTLM/Socks support).

BoutDuTunnel project is now hosted on SourceForge!
SVN repository contains 1.3 source code only, but older versions are available in the download section.

This version features some good performance improvements with .NET Remoting and is now available in french and english.... read more

Posted by Sebastien LEBRETON 2006-12-14