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doc 2003-06-02 codewiz codewiz [aba429] Import gdb-bdm-20020210 by Chris Johns.
gdb 2005-10-24 cjohns cjohns [2b8772] Updated to support gdbarch registers.
m683xx 2011-12-06 Pavel Pisa Pavel Pisa [3e3226] bdm/m683xx/bdm-driver: recognize even 3.0.0+ ke...
m68k 2014-01-18 Chris Johns Chris Johns [35f787] Fix server lock up errors when in pipe mode.
schematics 2004-04-12 ppisa ppisa [36c53d] Added another ICD BDM compatible JEDEC file con...
README 2004-01-21 codewiz codewiz [fdff21] Fix embarassing typo.

Read Me

The subdirectories contain:

    The ColdFire/CPU32 BDM driver and tools originally developed by
    W. Eric Norum and later enhanced by Chris Johns.

    The CPU32 BDM driver enhanced by Pavel Pisa.  This version
    offers better CPU32 support and some features not available
    in the m68k driver.

    Patches to add BDM support to GDB.

    Example GDB command scripts that show how to initialize and run
    a Motorola 68360 system using standard GDB commands.

    GDB BDM documentation.

    Sample schematics for building ColdFire/CPU32 BDM pods.