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Sad News

Sadly, the beta will NOT be available for another couple weeks...I've had some problems with setting up my ATM card with Linux, but that's been taken care of, and I hope to be hacking a lot over the weekends. So, just watch the site for the beta over the next couple weeks....Hopefully it'll be out then :)

Posted by Justin Hibbits 2001-08-30

A status update

I have been working feverishly for the past two weeks, after a completely unrelated project sparked an idea into my head to fix the toolkit, and I am glad to announce that I am ahead of schedule, and it should be released very soon, like maybe around the middle to end of August.

Several widgets are complete, and I am working continuously on fixing those that don't work properly. I will release a half-functional alpha next week, so that you can see my progress, and a fully functional alpha and beta soon afterward.... read more

Posted by Justin Hibbits 2001-07-16

Help Wanted

As the start of real BTK work approaches, I will need plenty of help for many tasks. Since the toolkit isn't quite usable yet, I will have to assign those tasks later. Right now, I need someone to write a window manager that communicates with ICE, and can resize it's "Maximum window" size, like Kwin. Also, if someone wants to write an IPC server for BDE, that'll be great. It must communicate straight on top of XICE, and behave similar to KDE's DCop. E-mail me if you are interested in any part of the project, not just the 2 I listed here, at

Posted by Justin Hibbits 2001-07-10

Almost ready

BTK is almost ready....actually, it still has a while to go before being complete. But, within 2 weeks, I promise, that several widgets will be completely usable. Already the pushbutton works, with a blank window. The signal-slot mechanism works perfectly. I just need to fix the label problem, that it doesn't work at all, and the pushbutton is complete. It supports multiple widgets, I have tested it with 2 pushbuttons, and I can say that it looks pretty good. Now, onto the checkbuttons, then radiogroup, then...TBA... read more

Posted by Justin Hibbits 2001-07-10

Help Wanted!!!

I need some help with btk and bde. I am almost done with btk, but I need some alpha-, beta-, and other testers for it, and some developers for bde. If you are a hacker, computer geek, programmer, or know someone who is, contact me, it will help me a great deal.

Posted by Justin Hibbits 2001-06-20

Almost there!

Well, I just have to iron out a few bugs, add a couple classes, and btk will be out in alpha! Give me about 2-3 weeks, and check back. Hell, maybe it will be sooner if I will just stop playing nethack! Oh well, I am just having problems with implementing a timer, so if anyone wants to help, just e-mail me at Till then, start hacking around with the pre-alphas.

Posted by Justin Hibbits 2001-06-20

Second pre-alpha is out!

The second pre-alpha is out, a major change from the first pre-alpha. More changes are expected. Most of the code compiles now, and I will continue to work very hard to get it up and running smoothly by the end of June, by September at the latest.

Posted by Justin Hibbits 2001-05-29

We finally got off the ground

After about 3 months of work, I finally let everyone know. BDE and BTK are here--well, almost. The BTK is a small toolkit developed for X and this project to be small and fast, while maintaining flexibility. Look for BTK by June in Beta, and the headers by the end of April

Posted by Justin Hibbits 2001-04-16