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bddc 0.3.5 available for download

the new version comes with a built in check of the ip address. this avoids spamming dyn dns services with private ip address like 192.168.*.*.

Posted by flowolf 2008-06-06

bddc 0.3.3 available for download

this release fixed a codebreak by
they decided to prevent people from retrieving the ip from their frontpage. this release fixes this.

Posted by flowolf 2007-09-30

bddc v0.3.1 available for download

the changelog:
0.3.1: little bugfix on an infinite update loop, when returns an ERROR, that is actually none.
fixed an issue with non maching ips for Dlink624 on wrt enironments.
0.3: fixed issue on 'expr substr' for mac users. added support for DLink DI-524.

Posted by flowolf 2007-05-13

bddc version 0.2 available for download

bddc version 0.2 is available for download.
bddc supports reading ip from ifconfig, a remote url (http), a local network router (DLink Di624, DLink Di624+, Netgear-TA612V, Netgear WGT-624, Digitus DN 11001, Philips Wireless PSTN, Westell 327W DSL Router, La Fonera). bddc can upload the changed ip to a remote dynamic dns service (,,, and check for success of the update.
bddc is highly modifiable and runs on many platforms. (any Linux, Mac, OpenWrt...)

Posted by flowolf 2007-05-01

bddc v 0.1 available over svn checkout

bddc is available for testing over the svn checkout. bddc now runs on wrt environments, with busybox. let your router do the work.

Posted by flowolf 2007-04-30

bddc released

this release is a bugfix release. version 0.0.9 was nonworking. there was a major typo in the DLink section (line 327). please upgrade to

Posted by flowolf 2006-11-11

bddc 0.0.9 released

bddc 0.0.9 has just been released.
performed a bugfix in ping check part. disabled it in default settings.

Posted by flowolf 2006-10-17

bddc 0.0.8 released

bddc 0.0.8 has just been released.
bddc now supports the Digitus DN 11001, and checks if the dns update was successful.

Posted by flowolf 2006-10-13

bddc 0.0.7 released

bddc 0.0.7 released: now supporting, and two netgear routers

Posted by flowolf 2006-09-16

bddc 0.0.6 beta released

i just released 0.0.6 beta for general testing. it should run stable though. if you tested this version please give me feedback.

Posted by flowolf 2006-09-11