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BCU SDK 0.0.3 released

Apart from various bug fixes, the following changes happened:

- eibd client library:
* new functions EIBReset, EIB_MC_Write_Plain
* the parameter order for EIB_LoadImage has changed
* C library new consists of many small objects files, so only neccesary parts are linked
* (experimental[1]) implementation of the library in PHP
* (experimental[1]) implementation of the library in Java
* (experimental[1]) implementation of the library in C# (distributed as extra file EIBConnection.cs)

- eibd
* EIB_MC_Restart sends a connection oriented A_Restart
* keepalive for managment connections
* tpuarts backend: watchdog and extended frame support
* group cache

- build part
* support UINT32/64 types for group objects
* PEI handler support

- contrib stuff (directory contrib in the bcusdk sources):
* swig wrapper for python (created by prz)[2]
* example for PHP + groupcache: simple visulisation (preconfigured for our EIB demo system)
* example for Java (distributed as extra file eibddemo.jar): Port of the Calimero 1 GUI

If you simply want to get the state of group objects, you should look at the group cache. The group cache in eibd handles all related task (initial reading, keeping up with value changes on the EIB bus) for you. It especially simplies the usage of EIB in stateless environments (eg. PHP scripts). Please see the documentation for more details.

Martin Kögler

[1] "experimental" means that the API is still under development, but useable.
[2] If the wrapped functions are called in incorrect ways, double free, ... could happen, so be careful, when using it.

Posted by Martin Koegler 2007-11-18