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Eircom Broadband Usage Monitor / News: Recent posts

Source code available

Source code for the project is available if anyone would like to contribute. new ISPs can be added relatively easily.
See here for more information:

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-09-01


Heres a .com site for the project.


The plan is that any ISP in the world with an online usage checker can be added to the application without much effort. If you are interested in adding one then give me a shout.

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-08-20


Heres a new website for the project...
Keep an eye here for the latest news/developments!

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-08-10

Broadband Usage Monitor 2.2 released

Broadband Usage Monitor 2.2 released. New features include Statistics panel, Upload and Total Upload graphs. A couple of bug fixes in as well.

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-08-02

New Website

Heres a new website for the project...
it contains info, screenshots and a FAQ for broadband usage monitor.

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-07-23

Linux Support

BBUM has now been released for Linux. There is a bug on Linux where newlines are not shown on the tooltip. This messes up the trayicon tooltip formatting. Also, the installer does not seem to work on Fedora Linux, it tested fine on Ubuntu and Suse.

A few things to work on for the next version so!

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-07-19

Updated Mac Support

Version 2.0 of bbum for the Mac has been released. New features include graphing, hover over, automated install, upload stats etc.

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-07-17

Graphic view of usage

Its now possible to view the previous 30 days upload/download usage in a graph. See screen shot for an idea of how it looks. This feature is available for Eircom and BTIreland customers on windows.

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-05-22

Windows Version Available

A windows version is now available. Your up to date usage stats are displayed in the Windows system tray. Its been tested on 2000, XP and vista. Note: JRE 6 is required.

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-04-19

New ISPs

Currently looking to add support for more ISPs. Please email me if there is one you would like added. Email: jonculloty at users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-04-17

BTIreland Support Added

BTIreland support is added to the application. I hope to add more ISPs in future. Please email me if there's an ISP that you want to include, my email is: jonculloty at users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jonathan Culloty 2009-04-04