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BattleBricks Remote Control / News: Recent posts

BBRC 1.6 Released

If you can actually believe it, a new release of BBRC is done. 1.6 adds the offset parameter for config files. So, if you have multiple bots, all with the same commands, just different start ranges (ie Bot 1 has commands 1-15, Bot 2 has commands 16-32, etc) you can use the same config file and just change the offset. This helps cut down on config time immensely in identical bot situations.

Posted by Steve Zingelewicz 2004-02-26

CVS is up

The code is finally in CVS. And just as soon as I commited it, I realized I really should have put it in a bit better order for consumption. Maybe I'll make a new module with some proper order to the source base. If this irks you too much, I apologize.

Posted by Steve Zingelewicz 2003-08-15

Getting started

Just getting started here at Sourceforge. Currently, only the first file release and the www.battlebricks.com homepage are up. I'm working on setting up the CVS repository. That should be up and running in a day or two.

Posted by Steve Zingelewicz 2003-08-13