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New Site

This may have been a lil delayed posting on here, but just letting you guys know that we now have our official site up and running at http://www.bblocked.org. All support can you please direct through the forums (link can be found on the site) and all bugs reported to the bug tracker at http://bugs.bblocked.org. Additional information regarding SVN etc can also be found on the site. (In this case SVN under Download)

Posted by Sam_Cleaver 2007-08-06

We're Recruiting!

Hey There,

Just a quite note to you people to let you know that we're currently in desperate need of two developers, the first being a flash expert to help us make the script compatible with youtube, dailymotion etc

The second being another PHP developer to be responsible for updating the rewrite script (the part that rewrites a page content to go through the proxy)

We need you to help this project move forward! Please help :D... read more

Posted by Sam_Cleaver 2007-04-18

New version coming soon!

It seems like it has been forever since our last release, and it has been a long time. So We are gearing up to release the next generation of open source web-based proxy bypassers... bblocked 5.6 beta!

There are tons of new features, and exciting themes and such. Check out our website (http://www.bblocked.org/) for more info.

Posted by Joshua Piccari 2007-03-26

Its Alive!

Hey guys,

Just letting you know that bblocked is alive and that we have just bumped up the development rate with another programmer added to the team! bblocked.org is coming soon!

We are also hoping to complete our first public version by sometime in spring 2006 so watch this space!


Posted by Sam_Cleaver 2006-01-16


Our programers have started working on recoding the page request, and redirection functions into a single class. Features that will apear in the coming releases will include, form script redirecting; use of and/or alteration of cookies and headers; better redirection of javascript URLs and images.


Posted by Joshua Piccari 2006-01-03