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Bugfix release 1.21

There were some localization issues in 1.21, which are fixed now.

Posted by TzeenieWheenie 2008-03-25

Version 1.2 released!

Just build and uploaded a new version: 1.2! Implemented the graphical expense chart, which allows you to monitor the expenses on a per-day basis.

Posted by TzeenieWheenie 2008-03-23

Version 1.1 released!

Version 1.1 of Blackberry Expenses released. All milestone 1 features implemented (Adding, removing, editing of expenses, persistent storage in device, object-push bluetooth sending of CSV-format) plus several small bugfixes/improvements (e.g. fixed precision errors).

See release notes for installation instructions (click icon "Notes" on download page, int the line with the release).

Posted by TzeenieWheenie 2008-02-27