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BattleLion / News: Recent posts

BattleLion has been split !

BattleLion project has been split into two distinct projects : Pro-Vocation Light Engine (PVLE) and BattleLion.
PVLE is a lightweighted game library that is developped (for the moment) only for BattleLion. It is intended to do 3D & physics, and to have few networking utilities. BattleLion now only keeps gampelay features, and rely on PVLE for lower-level source code.
Visit PVLE on SF.net at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pvle

Posted by Sukender 2007-07-01

OSG Powered

As we don't work on BattleLion very often, it seemed clever to use a much higher-level API than directly OpenGL... BattleLion has been rewritten using OpenSceneGraph (openscenegraph.org), but there's still lot to do. At least, next developpement steps will go faster !

Posted by Sukender 2006-02-08

Yahou !!!! First news !!!!!

Refunding is on its way and tasks are being assigned to programmers. The sky is blue, and birds are singing... and there is a LOT to do. :)

Posted by KinoX 2004-03-03