not scanning EVERY email

  • This started with occasional "taboo" attachements getting though, but I just noticed today that MANY MANY are getting through to the end-users.    I tried sending myself some email (from an external email account) with ".pif" attachements.  Everyone got to me!   I looked at the batemail log, and some of the emails I sent to myself wern't even processed.   I've already counted 10 virus emails getting through to users.

    Can anyone explain why this would happen?  was working wondefully up till now.... and there havn't been any changes to my system in quite some time!

    If it helps, here's the top of my batemail program:

    $SAVEDIR   ="/d1/batemail";attachments
    $LOGNAME   ="/var/adm/syslog/batemail";
    $MAILER    ="/usr/bin/rmail";




    • Are any emails being scanned? Is it possible that batemail is not being called for delivery?


    • Yeah... from what I can tell, most of them are being scanned.    But when I was sending test messages, some of them were not being scanned.  Some were....

      Something curious is afoot.

    • any ideas?

      • Did you try cranking up the debug verbosity to see what all it would show you about what was going on for each email?