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**PLEASE HELP** Reverse Engineering Tools

  • Philip

    Hi folks,

    I'm wanting to scrutinise code from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. I need your help in identifying useful tools that will help me pull WIN32 & LINUX ELF binaries apart. No doubt as things evolve I will be asking other questions too but for the moment I simply need tools that work.

    I know about the Bastard decompiler but I can't get the thing to 'make' properly. I guess it's a bit out of date too.

    Anyway, I'd also be interested in cross compilers and de-compilers for Intel/AMD 16/32 processors. Alternative compiler libraries and development environments would also be of a major interest.

    I'm running Win95, XP and LINUX RedHat v.6. Whatever you point to should be suitable for these OSs.

    There seems to be little free-ware/share-ware around unless you're interested in JAVA de-compilation.

    If anyone has pointers, URLs etc, where I can find code that works then I'd be pleased to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance,


    • everyone i talk to pretty much uses ida; it's
      considered "industry standard".

      i can't stand windows and feel silly running
      vmware, so i mostly use home-brewed stuff
      based on libdisasm.

      there are various projects out there like
      boomerang and rec and lida that you should
      check out.