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Basilisk II 0.9 released

The official 0.9 release is now completed and can be downloaded from the "files" section. Please refer to the change log for the list of fixes and enhancements with respect to release 0.8.

Posted by Christian Bauer 2001-06-01

Mailing list for CVS updates

It is now possible to get automatic notification of updates to the Basilisk II CVS by subscribing to the basilisk-cvs mailing list on This list is strictly only for automated CVS update messages. Discussions about Basilisk II development or the Basilisk II CVS server should be held on the basilisk-devel list.

Posted by Christian Bauer 2001-01-06

DR emulator test version available

Gwenole Beauchesne is working on implementing a dynamically recompiling 680x0 emulation (AKA JIT) for Basilisk II on Unix/x86. A preliminary version can be downloaded from

Posted by Christian Bauer 2000-10-15

Anonymous CVS available

Anonymous access to the Basilisk II CVS is now available. For details, see

Posted by Christian Bauer 2000-09-18