Basilisk II, Intel MacBook - display problems

  • Petko Slavov
    Petko Slavov

    Hello guys. I need help with my display settings. I want to run Basilisk (System 7.5.3, Quadra 680 1Mb ROM) in full screen, but my MacOS X resolution is 1280/800 32bit. It starts in this resolution, but everything is yellowish. All the more, when I try running a game in 256 color mode, it switches resolution very badly and I can see almost nothing until I exit the game. I tried switching monitor resolutions, but all I got was headache from reinstalling the OS several times due to mouse crash (impossible to access upper part of the screen and not reparable by switching to window mode). So if anyone had the same problem and solved it, I'll be very happy to know. Until then I'll keep trying.