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  • protokol

    Running 1.0.0_pre20020115 on Gentoo linux. i get the error on clicking the start button, here is all the command-line output:

    Basilisk II V1.0 by Christian Bauer et al.
    Reading ROM file...
    WARNING: Cannot open /dev/fd0H1440 (No such file or directory)
    WARNING: Cannot open /dev/fd1H1440 (No such file or directory)
    Using /dev/dsp audio output
    do_handle_screen_fault: unhandled address 0x44786380 [IP=0x80a4ed8]
    D0: 00000000 D1: fffcffff D2: fffffffc D3: 0400000f
    D4: 0003fffc D5: 00000000 D6: 00000012 D7: 00000000
    A0: 0000003c A1: 00000002 A2: 00006be4 A3: 00006ff8
    A4: 000067d8 A5: 041d1380 A6: 00000000 A7: 020009a6
    USP=00000000 ISP=020009a6 MSP=00000000 VBR=00000000
    T=00 S=1 M=0 X=1 N=1 Z=0 V=0 C=0 IMASK=0
    FP0: 0 FP1: 0 FP2: 0 FP3: 0
    FP4: 0 FP5: 0 FP6: 0 FP7: 0
    N=0 Z=0 I=0 NAN=0
    0402e8e8: 2815 28c4 c081 c284 8287 MOVE.L (A5),D4
    next PC: 0402e8ea

    • Matt

      the syntax of the message doesn't mean much to me, but it looks like there's something wrong with your ROM. im assuming you own the hardware etc., so if youre having trouble with your ROM, i have functioning apple IIe, a quarda650, and performa ROMs and i'd be happy to send one to you. i'm afraid that's about as much help as i can be though.

      good luck.

    • Mark Wagner
      Mark Wagner

      I get that error message using the ROM I extracted from a Performa 630CD using the Fusion emulator's romdump program.  Unfortunately, the computer in question is no longer functional, so I can't try to get another copy.  Could someone send me a known-good ROM image?