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Progress Report 25-Feb-2004

Progress is being made on the comms between the GUI and the BASIC68 monitor on the SBC. The comms class can download code to the SBC, command it to execute the code, and query the value of a variable. The comms class is not yet integrated into the IDE.

Posted by David Taylor 2004-02-24

Progress Report 23-Feb-2004

Work has started on the jEdit plugin and it is tokenizing simple programs. A test class is communicating with the SBC, but more work needs to be done on planning the protocol between the plugin and the SBC.

The CVS repository contains some early plugin code, as well as the BASIC68 runtime.

Posted by David Taylor 2004-02-23

Progress Report 17-Feb-2004

The interpreter now understands most statements, but no functions yet. If/then/else, while/wend, for/next, assignments, expressions, poke, goto, and gosub/return all work.

The interpreter is running on the University of Wollongong F1 SBC, loaded into RAM. Single stepping works. To compile the interpreter you need an include file from the GEL project.

A simple tokenizer/compiler is running created with basic68 grammar done by Raif Naffah (thanks Raif!) The code for this is not in CVS yet.... read more

Posted by David Taylor 2004-02-17