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version 1.1.11

added support to download subtitles in a selected language
Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2014-02-05

version 1.1.10


  • added a --bigger-than flag, which can be used to download subtitles only for files bigger than the given size (in MB) - that way video samples can be sift out
  • various corrections to the file search function
Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2014-02-03

version 1.1.9

v1.1.9 - napi works on Mac OS X, corrections for subotage script - overlap detection function


  • code cleanup (polish variable names renamed to english)
  • merged changes from mcmajkel (Mac OS X compatibility)

  • by default subtitles with no end marker will be displayed for 5 seconds
  • overlap detection function
Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2014-02-03

version 1.1.8

  • fix for a bug which deleted the resulting subtitles file when the converted file had the same name and extension as the source file
Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2013-11-03

version 1.1.7


  • introduced -e argument to specify default extension for output files. This helps when used in conjunction with subotage the script will detect that the conversion is not needed and will leave the remaining unconverted files with the default extension.
Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2013-10-26

Version 1.1.6

  • subotage and napi will be maintained in a single repository
  • github source repository for the project created:
  • contributions from Michal Gorny included
Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2013-10-25

Version 1.1.3

- Necessary tools presence validation added
- some small bugfixes introduced

Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2011-02-04

Version 1.1.2

- Logging option was added. Complete operational log can be chosed instead of standard output.
- Some improvements in case that the subtitles file already exists had been introduced - directory sweeping is now performed way faster

Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2011-01-18

Version 1.1.1

This version is changed very much in comparison to the previous ones. The changes are
- integration with subotage - universal subtitle converter. is now able to convert subtitles to one of the supported destination formats on the fly - right after the original file has been downloaded
- a lot of changes in the processing functions
- some small bugfixes related with argument processing
- user authorisation data can now be passed as arguments... read more

Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2011-01-09

Release v0.1.8

- Added support to download covers
- 7zip is no longer obligatory !!!
- code cleanup

Posted by Tomasz Wisniewski 2010-06-04