#10 Scripts for eMobile Ireland



I'm using a BlackBerry Curve 9360 with eMobile Ireland, but I couldn't find the scripts for this specific provider in the barry-utils distribution. Perhaps the closest scripts might be the ones for "o2ireland", but I tried with them and they didn't work.
Is there anyone who managed to use barry-utils with eMobile Ireland, and can provide the right scripts ?
Who can provide hints on what to read, or possibly what to ask to eMobile themselves, so as to modify existing scripts in order to make them work ?




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  • Hi,

    It really depends on your provider, and they should be able to help you directly with how to setup your PC for tethering. The same instructions that you use on Windows should be translatable to Linux and Barry. I can help with that, once you get the instructions from the provider.

    I found this link which seems helpful, but you'll have to test it for yourself.

    You might also want to try some of the other ppp scripts, especially the barry-minimal one, and see if you have any success with those.

    If you get it working, please report back, so I can add notes or a new script for eMobile Ireland.

    - Chris

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  • I just tried the barry-minimal (ppp & chat) scripts that are included in the latest git release, modifying just one chatscript line as follows

    OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","data.eircom.ie"

    and it seems the connection worked, but the DNS was not set-up properly. I can see the phone reporting on the top of the display "Modem Mode Enabled", and I can ping by IP address, however it doesn't get DNS entries.

    How can I further fix this ? I'm reporting the full log of "pon ...." as an attachment, in case it can be useful for understanding what is failing.

    On a related note, I used the barry-minimal script on the official Ubuntu 12.04 barry-util package (0.15-1.2), however I'd like to recompile and use the latest git sources (or whatever revision you would recommend). To this purpose, what are the correct commands to configure the sources ? (just running buildgen.sh and after autoconf and/or automake it says that "Makefile.in" doesn't exist -- what is the right configuration commands sequence along with the right options ?)

    Thanks again.

  • Hey, I just retried a few times and it seems the scripts I've just attached are actually working (simply a copy of the barry-minimal with the one-line change denoted above) with eMobile. As I'm using a bunch of ppp connections for DSL over wifi and a VPN software, maybe it wasn't working before because of some stale configuration from these other connections. This time, I've just ensured to have knocked down eth0 and wlan0 before trying the connection via the BlackBerry and it worked.
    As a side note, after the connection via barry has been shut down (sudo poff barry-emobile), I can see "pppob" still running, and the only way to let it go is by "kill -9". Though, my experiments are all still with the Ubuntu 12.04 barry package.

  • Hi,

    Yes, version 0.15 is pretty old. There are three methods to get recent or latest code running on your system.

    1) The easiest is to just use the Barry apt repos for Ubuntu. See http://netdirect.ca/software/packages/barry/installdebian.php for details.

    2) If you do not want opensync support, it is fairly easy to build Barry as a set of binary packages. Just do a usual git clone, install dependencies (see files under the maintainer/depscripts/ directory for help) and run 'fakeroot -- debian/rules binary'. You can read more here: http://netdirect.ca/software/packages/barry/cvs.php

    3) If you do want opensync support, I'd recommend using my binary-meta tree. You can download a tarball snapshot of that tree in the Barry file download area, or you can grab it from git at http://repo.or.cz/w/opensync.git and click on the binary-meta fork listed at the bottom. (repo.or.cz seems to be down at the moment... maybe try it again tomorrow.)

    - Chris

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