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#40 Segfault on backing up Bold


Using git-version (sync'd Sept. 22.2010) with and without usb-storage loaded. The Barry gui identifies and loads databases from the phone successfully. Clicking on backup results in a crash, buffer overflow, and aborts. Works just fine on two other PCs I have running Gentoo Linux so I'd have to say it is either machine or kernel specific. This is on a PC running GCC 4.5.1 with -march=atom set. I have attached info that I hope is useful. I compiled with -g so I should be able to provide more if needed.


  • Anonymous

    The actual error message


  • Anonymous

    Added system info

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the bug report. My guess is that the bug is actually in libtar, and is flagged on your system because you might be using fortify.

    In libtar's lib/encode.c the th_finish() function does a strncpy() of 8 bytes into a 6 byte field and a 2 byte field. If these fields are contiguous in memory, no problem, but it is definitely iffy code.

    Unfortunately, I can't fix it in Barry, except to port it away from libtar to libarchive, or something similar. You may wish to file a bug with gentoo regarding the above issue. Libtar is not actively maintained anymore, so there won't be much upstream help.

    - Chris

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    Apologies for not responding sooner; for some reason I didn't receive email updates on this issue. Further introspection with gdb confirms your diagnosis. If I understand you correctly, I need to recompile libtar without fortify set to fix this, correct?


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    It seems that GCC enables -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 as soon as you use -O2 (which implies -Os will do it as well.) I will try recompiling libtar with -O and see what happens,.

  • Re-emerging libtar with C(XX)FLAGS set to "-g -fno-stack-protector" results in the successful execution of the backup from my Bold 9000. Thanks for your assistance.

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  • Glad to hear you found a workaround! Thanks for the success report.

    - Chris