#18 Australia Post Barcode

Antun Oreskovic

Add the Australia Post barcode generation from the Format control code and Sort code (DPID).


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  • Antun, thank you for your contribution and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I've only now had time to look at the code you posted. I've got a few issues I'd like to raise:
    - You didn't put an Apache License V2.0 license header on top of the files (see the existing classes for reference). I would appreciate if you could put a header on each new file to explicitely indicate that you contribute this under the terms of the Apache License V2.0 like the rest of Barcode4J. Otherwise it's not clear under which license terms this code is published and I can't include it in Barcode4J.
    - The size calculation is wrong (AustPostBean.calcDimensions()). The vertical quiet zone isn't taken into account and the width reported is much too big compared to what is painted by FourStateAustPostLogicHandler.
    - There's no documentation. I can try to write some documentation myself but you're much closer to the code and the specification so you might actually do a better job.
    I'd appreciate if you could take another look.
    Jeremias Maerki

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  • Hi Jeremias,
    I have made the changes as requested.
    - Added the Apache License. Was unsure whether this should be my name or your name? Feel free to change to your name, if that is what it is meant to be.
    - Yes, I noticed that size calculation also, I also added the updated version of the class with a correct calculation. Are you saying that the new class is wrong also?
    Additionally, I have now also added the quiet zone, I originally left it out, as, I didn't believe that the quite zone is used with Aust Post.
    - I added a little more Documentation at the end of the Readme. I was not sure at the amount of detail that you wanted. Please let me know if that is sufficient.
    Please check the latest changes, when you can, and let me know.

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