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#7 Implement GS1 DataBar


Please implement GS1 DataBar or give advice how to do it myself and submitting a patch afterwards:


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    It's unlikely that I will implement GS1 DataBar in the near future unless someone sponsors the implementation. If you want to do it yourself, here are the recommended steps to go about it:
    - Buy the ISO/IEC 24724:2006 (RSS) specification and study it.
    - Familiarize yourself with the Barcode4J source code.
    - Start an implementation. It's probably best to make a copy of PDF417 because RSS is also stacked barcode and therefore similar. The most important part is the logic implementation class. Then the bean plus the configuration subclass. On the rendering side, you will need a specialized TwoDimBarcodeLogicHandler subclass for painting the variable height rows. With all the existing implementations it should be relatively easy to find the right approach.
    - Don't forget to write test cases and add a test for each bug you find during implementation.
    - Finally some documentation will be necessary so people can actually use it.
    - Creating the patch in the end is probably the least of your worries. You will simply need to pack all new files in a ZIP file and create a unified diff against CVS HEAD.

    Good luck!

  • Has there been any change in plans regarding the GS1 databar? It's been well over a year since the last comment here. Just checking. Thanks!!!

  • No change. Too many cool ideas, too little free time to play. And no sponsors so far that would make me rearrange my priorities. Patches still welcome.

  • Fdomino

    Has there been any change in plans regarding the GS1 databar? If not what kind of sponsoring do you "need"?

  • No, so far, no concrete plans. Otherwise, I would note it here. If someone would like a concrete timeframe for the implementation, I can provide that if at least some of my hours I would need for the implementation were paid for. That can be an hourly rate and a time budget we can agree on, or a fixed amount as a kind of bounty. I've never worked with it, yet, but maybe something like https://www.bountysource.com/ could be helpful here. So far, I haven't done an estimation for the task but if there's concrete interest I can do that.

  • Piero Filippin
    Piero Filippin

    If it can help, GS1 has released a "free" implementation of databar.

    It is written in C and can be downloaded at: http://www.gs1.org/barcodes/databar/software

    If someone helps me with the Barcode4J integration, I can convert the relevant parts in the C code to Java.