#15 datamatrix (square or rectangular) in servlet


Hi all,

I'm using the servlet to generate datamatrix codes. Depending on the length, the generated datamatrix code is either squared or rectangular. As a matter of fact, I'm only interested in squared codes. How do I produce only squared codes? (extending the data with space characters is no option to me)

thanks for you help.


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  • Hi Jeremias ,

    thanks for you fast reply. As said, I use the Servlet to generate the barcodes. I've read, that barcode4j is using avalon for the configuration. I don't want to dip too deep into the internals...what do I have to do to (and where) to configure datamatrix codes as squared? cheers

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  • Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't read your message completely, it seems.

    I'm afraid, the restriction for the symbol form for DataMatrix is not implemented in the servlet. It's probably easiest for you if you copy the BarcodeServlet into your own project and add the parameter you need. I don't currently have time to do that quickly.