#31 Barcode4j and Fop 1.0

Michael Schwartz

Barcode4j is not working with FOP 1.0.

I have upgraded fop 0.95 to fop 1.0. Now the processing of the barcodes are not working anymore. The PDF is printed but without any barcodes (or any replacement instead of the missing barcodes).

00:26:24,680 ERROR [org.apache.fop.apps.FOUserAgent] Image not available. URI: (instream-object). Reason: org.apache.xmlgraphics.image.loader.ImageException: The file format is not supported. No ImagePreloader found for null (No context info available)

<fo:block space-start="2mm">
<bc:barcode message="OR{Order/ExtID}/{Order/Revision}">
<bc:quiet-zone enabled="false">1mm</bc:quiet-zone>

whereas the variables contains just plain numbers.

Can someone verify the issue? Any clue how to circumvent this?

Versions: Windows Vista, Java 6.020, jboss 6.00m5, fop1.0, barcode4j (2008)

Thanks for your help,


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  • Yes, unfortunately, the current release doesn't contain a FOP plug-in compatible with FOP's latest image infrastructure. The necessary plug-in is available in CVS HEAD (i.e. the development code, which means you'd have to compile Barcode4J yourself). I've started to prepare a release but I constantly get side-tracked. I hope to get Barcode4J 2.1 out real soon now.

    I'll keep this ticket open as a another reminder.

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