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Rollover dates

  • Andre Basel
    Andre Basel

    I am running Bandwithd as part of a pFsense install.

    Where do I set the date periods? I presume that if i click on monthly it reads from the 1st of the month to the last day. The issue I have is that my ISP bills me from the 27th to the 27th of the next month. Am I able to
    1) Set things up so that the Monthly link calculates from the 27th
    2) If not possible, create a custom link to do so.

  • Alestan

    The short answer is yes, you can.  For a more specific answer, I need a little more detail.  Are you filtering your results through postgres?  If not, I really can't help you since I haven't poked around through the source code for the graph generation.  If you are filtering it through postgres, then the script used to generate the graph is phphtdocs/graph.php, and the tables are generated by sensors.php and details.php.  You can modify those scripts to shoot for a specific time window, if all you need is the total traffic sent, then launch psql, connect to the database (default=bandwidthd) and go "select sum(total) from bd_tx_log where timestamp > 'start date' and timestamp < 'start date';"  That gives you your outgoing traffic.
    Swap that for bd_rx_log and you'll have your incoming traffic.  If you need more information, feel free to ask for clarification.