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BandSite CMS / News: Recent posts

BandSite CMS has moved

I just want to update everyone who comes by. I have not touched BandSite CMS for a long time. This project has been assumed by someone else who has the time and motivation to keep the project going. Please go to http://www.larrycms.com for more information and support.

Posted by karlcore 2007-02-21

New band using BandSite CMS

Today, Netherlands-based metal band, Grinded Mind released a new website build using the Grayscale BandSite CMS, again showing the flexibility of the CMS. Visit them at http://www.grindminded.com

Posted by karlcore 2005-05-18

Version 1.1.0 Released

Version 1.1.0 of Grayscale Bandsite CMS was released today, April 19, 2005. This update includes extensive code reformatting, several bug fixes to the photo gallery, CSS modifications, and several other minor interface modifications. This version is a 100% direct replacement which requires no database modifications, and can therefore be used by current users of the CMS without any loss to data.

Posted by karlcore 2005-04-19