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Favorite groups are now stored on the server

The favorite groups settings have been moved to the server. Now, you can get your favorite groups anywhere!

Posted by Jim Schultz 2001-08-16

Package split!

We have reorganized the project into three Java packages...
org.javadelic.burrow - the backend
org.javadelic.bajjer - the GUI
org.javadelic.bugger - the CLI

The old source code has been moved to the 'oldsrc' directory. New source code is int the 'org/javadelic/burrow', etc. directories.

Posted by Jim Schultz 2001-08-16

Screen shots on the home page!

I've added some screen shots of the Bajjer on the home page...

Posted by Jim Schultz 2001-08-02

Files on CVS

First Post! :)
We have two working hacks available on CVS now - JabClient and JabApache.

JabClient is a command-line tool that will let you send one message to the 'bajjer' chat group and exit.

JabApache is an apache log filter that will direct messages from apache to the 'bajjer' chat group.

Both of these should be fully functional if you have a jabber account set up.

Posted by Jim Schultz 2001-05-25