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Stable release

New release is made, based on bahamut 1.4.36. It is considered stable. Go get it from Files section!

Important changes are documented in Realease Notes.

Posted by Aidas Kasparas 2006-01-18

Project is NOT dead

Project was sleeping for few years, but today I have commited to CVS code which synchronizes with bahamut version 1.4.36. This commit also fixes subtle dns bug, moves DNS reverse resolution from to official domain.

Code, as it is in CVS is serving 500 to 1000+ IPv6 clients in production in Aitvaras IRC network ( ), released version works in Azzurra IRC network ( ).... read more

Posted by Aidas Kasparas 2005-12-17

This project is dead

This project is officially no longer under active development.
Anyone interested in continuing bahamut-inet6's development is free to mail me (

Thank you.

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2005-10-25

PRE2 release

this release expands the REGEX_BANS (a subsequent release with regex flags and full INET6 prefix bans support will follow) and fixes a nasty crashing bug when an ipv6 clients connects.

enjoy =)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-12-06

REGEX_BANS now completed

regex bans are in CVS now, but KEEP IN MIND that
this is not a -STABLE release, until i will be absolutely
sure that it doesn`t crash or malfunction.

feedback is really welcome =)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-12-04

1.4.35 upgrade and more stuff (read this!)

this release contains an upgrade to bahamut 1.4.35, with userbans, regex bans and ssl improvements.
for more details, read the release notes.
keep in mind that userbans support for ipv6 addresses is just preliminar, we treat everything as an host ban. more support is planned, but this update was too important to wait more.
also, regex bans syntax is subject to change, read release notes for more info.... read more

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-12-03

irssi ssl patch updated !

today i have updated the ssl patch for irssi, documentation and download:

enjoy !

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-08-25

documentation available in the 'docs' section

the ADMINSERV and SSL documents are available into the Docs section of this site, i hope you`ll find them useful ;)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-08-15

documentation added

today i wrote 2 small faq`s for SSL support and the /as command and i committed them into the cvs tree.

you can do a cvs -z9 update in your source tree to checkout this documentation.

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-08-15

last release

due of the last release of the 1.4 branch of bahamut, this is also the last release of bahamut-inet6. currently i have no plans to involve into 1.6-inet6, DAL has said that they will do this job.

by the way, this patch will remain available for everyone wants to download it, and i`ll keep it updated with every additional patch DAL releases.

thanks to everyone made this possible :)

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-06-02


release inet6-1.0 contained a crashing bug, cause i forgot a ++ in parse.c . . sorry . . also i forgot the IRCERR_SSL definition in struct.h and the AS prototypes in msg.h . . that caused SSL and /as to not work. now is all ok, i`ve hidden the 1.0 release from filelist because of this bug.

things like this won`t happen in future, now i`m not so busy like i`ve been in the past month.

thanks to all who support me.... read more

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-05-03

SSL notes

Solaris do not provide in default installations a random number generator (/dev/urandom and /dev/random), generator on which openssl relies. so i've recently modifyied ./config to inform the user of this problem and point him to some locations where he can find more explanations. also now ./config sees if you have an EGD installed o an $HOME/.rnd or $(pwd)/.rnd file, and, if present, passes it to the -rand openssl's option.... read more

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-03-15

SSL code released

Now bahamut supports encrypted client->server connections using SSL sockets and the OpenSSL library (


enjoy . .

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-03-13


i`ve recently realized an SSL patch for bahamut, which is running on i don`t know if to make it public, cause i don`t know if it interests anyone. i`m posting this message to fetch some opinions from the users who read this page: if someone needs it, i will make it available.

let me know.

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-02-27


--- vejeta__ is now known as vjt

I think that the project is -stable, i`ve reviewed the code many and many times, it`s time to release it. I`ve sent a mail to in order for them to review this project. if they will like it, it will become official, after some modifications of course . . i didn`t even open one time et al . . so maybe this patch needs some more integration into the actual source tree but . . it *works* :).

Posted by Marcello Barnaba 2002-02-23

bugs fixed, and a note for users of older releases.

several bugs fixed, new version is in the CVS tree. thanks to monas who pointed out these bugs ! soon i will make a 0.9.1 release, so users can continue testing.

for users of 0.9: there is a possible SEGV in the server, you are invited to checkout the latest sources and rebuild your daemon. thanx.

Posted by Rossi Marcello 2002-02-17

new release !

i`ve released the new version of the patch, i fixed the /connect bug and the v4->v6 link bug, now it all works fine and we have even upgraded our azzurranet server with the new code, so i think we are going -stable. thanx also to Virgo from for his test work, he is also running this software on his net, kewl ! :)

keep on refreshing this page and the cvs, more news may be coming ;)


Posted by Rossi Marcello 2002-02-15

little bug fixed

i fixed a little bug in connect_inet() where the value that inet_pton() returned was mis-interpreted. the new release is available via CVS. i have no plans to make a new release until i fix all the /connect problems, `cause i also want to implement /connect`s to ipv4 and ipv6 servers both, without requiring the OS do the translation [::ffff:i.p.v.4]. in technical words, i have to open an INET6 socket versus ipv6 servers, and an INET4 socket versus ipv4 servers. now the socket is only v4. this is a really busy period, i hope [as i previously said] for the end of the month to implement all these features.... read more

Posted by Rossi Marcello 2002-02-12

hello ! [first news]

this is the first day this project will be hosted on sourceforge, and i`ve done the first CVS commit. i`ll now make an home page, add some developers, etc :)

for now the distribution is considered in BETA state, cause i`ve not thoroughly tested, so if you want, you can test it yourself and send me a bugreport !

bye ! :)


Posted by Rossi Marcello 2002-02-01