Just joined, and scanned some list archives...user list is busy!
Thanks Kern for bacula AND apcupsd ..below, my newbie nitpick/suggestions.

I'm an old UNIX sysadmin just now learning bacula  (have not read ALL docs yet).
A couple things got me initially confused,  1) 2) below,
                      (addressable w/ default config files...and/or documentation!)
 and I added a 3) suggestion/comment.  Hope I didnt mis-state any facts.

I am using: 2.4.3, w/  Media Type = File (the best/easiest starting path,
            and backup-to-disk becomes more and more appealing cost-wise ! )

1)-- while getting past sqlite install/setup, (building mysql == troublesome on RedHat 5 )
   taking my first steps without modifying configuration files, 
         on first " ./bacula start " ,   one daemon fails, BUT happily,
                 the error output/msg from Storage/bacula-sd IS CLEAR, pointing to
                      missing value for "Archive Device" in -sd.conf.....understandably!
"Archive Device" in Device { Name = Filestorage ; Media Type = File ; ...
  has no initial value in 2.4.3 bacula-sd.conf ;  Sysadmin must add value (a roomy /dir ).
The monolithic doc does not "warn" the newbie early enough to edit bacula-sd.conf
 (I do not see this changed in new docs yet, but I am a bit blind today :)

2)-- default bacula-dir.conf
         has FileSet defined within  JobDefs { ... }
    I suggest that FileSet be moved down, to at least the top Job { ... } section(s) instead.

Why?  (my view) : well, let me step back while trying to be openminded :)
 As "Getting Started" says,
"Typically one FileSet/Client combination will have one corresponding job".

I envision some users might want same FileSet re-used on many UNIX clients,
but I did get confused having FileSet "included" (from JobDefs),
 not specifically defined per-top-Job, in the default -dir.conf 

I ponder, then restate the above quote from Getting Started, in reverse:
 doug> Typically each job will have a somewhat unique Client/FileSet combination.

If I am correct in what is most typical,  the default bacula-dir.conf
would have    FileSet     defined in the top Job,    ...... no FileSet  in JobDefs.

3) speaking of the new docs, which I am trying to read alongside the monolithic doc,

in Concepts doc,   in A Brief Tutorial, there are config suggestions
              which I'd expect to see in the Install+Config doc instead
 (e.g. "Adding a Second Client",  tips on copying then editing bacula-fd.conf )
I admire the problem of breaking the big doc down....Concepts might be shorter ?

Hope this helps or makes any sense....thanks again..... Doug in MA,USA