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> This is first time i am trying to label a tape for my backup pools when i enter label command from b console i have added the volumename and seletected the thursdaypool for labeling then i got the following error message
> Connecting to Storage daemon DLT at 172.11.71103 ...
> Sending label command for Volume "weeklypool" Slot 0 ...
> block.c:782 Read error at file:blk 0:0 on device /dev/st0. ERR=Input/output error.

This is just an indication that your tape was completely empty.

> 3000 OK label. Volume=weeklypool Device=/dev/st0

Here you got an "OK" status.

> Catalog record for Volume "weeklypool", Slot 0 successfully created.

And here you got an explicit "successfully created" message.

All is well.

> PLease help me how to fix this error or this is problem with tape block size i really need help on this

There is no error. Everything is fine.

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