BackupPC 2.0.0 released

Version 2.0.0 of BackupPC is available at
BackupPC is a perl-based high-performance, enterprise-grade system for
backing up Linux, WinXX PCs, and laptops to a server's disk. Features
include clever pooling of identical files, no client-side software, and
a powerful Apache/CGI user interface.

BackupPC 2.0.0 has some significant new features:

* Support for rsync and rsyncd backup and restore. Provides all the
benefits of rsync (send just deltas) with the server-side pooling
and compression of BackupPC.

* CGI interface now has internationalization (i18n) support.
Langauges available include English, French, Spanish and

* Added optional user-defined pre/post dump/restore commands, allowing
things like database shutdown/startup for dumps.

* Improved the way hosts are found (including multicast or wins lookup),
which in most cases avoids the need for setting dhcp=1 and searching
the dhcp address pool.

See the ChangeLog for a complete list of changes.

Craig Barratt

Posted by Craig Barratt 2003-06-22