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On 10/28/05, Adam Grelck <adam.grelck@gmail.com> wrote:

I am using my Backuppc server to back up a remote Windows computer using the rsyncd+cygwin package from the Backuppc site.  I have successfully backed up a local Windows machine with the same basic setup as the remote computer, but I am getting an obscure error in the log files with the remote one when I try to back it up:

Connected to xxxx.dyndns.org:873, remote version 28
Error connecting to module at xxxx.dyndns.org:873: unexpected response: '@RSYNCD: EXIT'

Got fatal error during xfer (unexpected response: '@RSYNCD: EXIT')
Backup aborted (unexpected response: '@RSYNCD: EXIT')
Any clues as to what I have messed up?  This seems like a very generic error (or is it even truly an error?) - what could it indicate?

Thank you,
Adam Grelck